George P. Johnson

Cisco Live

San Diego, CA


Each summer, the North American Cisco region gathers to celebrate, learn and be inspired for the upcoming year. June 2019 marked the event’s 30th anniversary with over 25,000 people in attendance. The event occurred over a week on the San Diego marina filling the convention center and three surrounding hotels, all of which needed to be branded entirely Cisco.
The work presented below were primarily my designs, however, an event this size is a massive team effort.


Suzanne Hanson - Creative Director
Benjamin Wall - Associate Creative Director
Madeleine Cunningham - Lead 3D-Designe
Rachel Cohn - Experience Designer
Gabe Biolos - Junior Creative


T-Shirt Design
Pin Design
Print Graphics
Wall decals
Production Design

Cisco’s employees are VERY into Cisco Live
Cisco’s employees are VERY into Cisco Live

Infographic of the impact of Cisco Live’s volunteer event has on San Diego

Capture the Flag hacking game

Problem solving with interdisciplinary experts using Cisco smart board technology

Testing new skills and gaining new accreditations while at Cisco Live

Meet 1 on 1 with experts

Shirts handed to every attendee of the event

Various custom pins awarded